Why Are We Called Larky?



We get this question a lot. Why not “Discount-a-thon” or “Perkomatic” or “Bonusbot” or "Deal-a-jama-rama"? Good question, oh wise one! While a motley of myriad names were initially proposed, one name percolated to the top of the list – Larky.

The challenge with our name was this…

It was early 2012 and we needed to name our new company and our product (a mobile + web platform that delivers discounts to users that they never knew they had). The name had to …

  • Be free of any competition (especially in the iOS and Android app stores).
  • Have an exact-match dot-com domain name available for purchase at a reasonable price.
  • Be short, pronounceable, authentic, and memorable. Basically, my mom had to remember it and be able to spell it (I made a mistake in a previous business where my mom kept saying it incorrectly; wasn't going to repeat that!)

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Hah! Ever had to name a baby? Naming a company is just as hard, maybe even harder since your future and your livelihood are in the balance. Luckily, we had the help of a good naming company.

So how did we choose “Larky”?

Malcolm Gladwell said, “Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.” While there was logic and deliberation behind our name choice, there also was some intuition. The name felt right.
Our name is a play off the word “lark,” a carefree or spirited adventure, a harmless prank, something done for fun, especially something mischievous. Oh, and yes, it's also a type of bird, but that wasn't what we were going for; we're not Twitter after all.

Larky delivers unexpected nearby discounts -- what we call serendipitous delight -- in a fun, playful way. What a lark, eh?

And what about the shaggy, marigold-colored little mascot guy?

When it came to choosing the visual symbol that would represent our company, we arrived at two final options – a bird vs. a little monster. Yes, we could have gone with the more obvious symbol – a bird that looks like some kind of lark. (Meadowlarks, by the way, are mighty handsome creatures with their bright yellow chests.) Well, we huddled and scrutinized, and we almost went with the bird. We were THIS close. 
But then Andrew said fervently, “Wait, why do we have to be so literal? A shaggy monster will stand out much more than a bird. And honestly, our shaggy friend here, he just makes everybody smile.”
And we were convinced that Andrew’s argument was right! The shaggy, sunflower-yellow mascot was the winner. Now our memorable, smiling monster travels the land in search of deals, and when he finds one, he delivers it with a little sprinkling of serendipitous delight. He's always on-the-go, moving forward to find the next deal to save you money.  

Larky is a mobile loyalty platform that amazes and works to keep members happy and loyal.  To learn more, visit Larky.com or email us at hello@larky.com.

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