What Can You Give Customers Today to Ensure Loyalty Tomorrow?


Inspiring loyalty tomorrow is as simple as one word - "Attention!" Yes, pay attention to your customer. No, not just any old attention.   She doesn’t want the stale e-newsletter that you send to every household, and she doesn’t want another flier advertising a good deal on a home equity loan. She wants specific, personalized attention related to the things that she cares about. Here’s a figure from Accenture’s 2013 Global Consumer Pulse Survey to back us up:

79% of consumers said they would be more loyal if my bank or credit union “contacted me proactively to let me know about ways to save money or enhance my experience with them.”

Say what? Your customers actually want you to contact them?! Yes, as long as it’s specific to their own experience. And get this…

77% of consumers said that they would be more loyal to their bank or credit union “if they recognized and rewarded me for doing more business with them.”

Your customers also want you to thank them for their business. After all, that’s the polite thing to do.

How can you “touch” your customers proactively, save them money, and thank them all at the same time?

Use a tool – a turnkey web and mobile discount platform – that allows your institution to send automatic and personalized, point-of-sale messages to members. With this tool, when she walks by her favorite tapas restaurant, she can get an automatic smartphone alert with your name and logo that says, “Get 20% off tapas right now on behalf of us.”  (See also Turn Member Discounts into Blockbusters.)

In response, your customer will say out loud to every passer-by within ear shot, “Holy moly, I love it that my credit union just sent me this discount! They really do appreciate me!”

Then she will enter that tapas restaurant, order a tasty assortment of cheese, olives, and nuts, and think fondly of you the whole time. She’ll also pay with your credit/debit card, and she’ll probably tell the people at the table next to her how much she loves, loves, loves you.

Over the days, months, and years, she’ll continue to receive messages from you at the exact right time and place – with discounts, deals, incentives, and special offers from your institution. And every message will be a reminder that you are there for her. You care about her. You are thankful that she continues to choose your credit union. And you want her to save money.

So, when she receives those relentless offers from other financial institutions (for car loans, credit cards, business lines of credit, etc.), she’ll say, “Oh, I already bank with someone that I love. Why would I ever go anywhere else?” 

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