How We Got Here

Our shaggy orange friend was born from an experience: my co-founder Gregg was about to buy four full price tickets to a children’s museum in Florida when he had the frugal but bright idea to ask whether his hometown museum membership gave him any special rates at the museum in Florida. In fact, his admission was entirely free! And in fact, he learned, his local membership gives him free or discounted access to nearly 300 science and discovery museums around the country. So that got him to thinking: what else was he missing from his memberships and how many other people are oblivious?

Personally, I try to never buy anything online without a coupon. And quite honestly, I always wish I could do the same for brick-and-mortar purchases. When shopping online, there are so many of those “Visit us and we’ll give you 27 ½ different coupon codes to try out” sites and I’m such a tightwad that I’m often inclined to try them all.

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