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These 42 Websites Could Save You Money On Just About Everything


We have scoured every corner of the web to find you the best sites for saving your dough. Whether you are looking to book a trip, buy a dress, or simply save on bills, we have you covered. Check out all of the best money-saving websites below.

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Lifehacker-Larky Groups All Your Memberships So You'll Never Miss a Perk Again

Larky Groups All Your Memberships So You'll Never Miss a Perk Again

Memberships and loyalty programs come loaded with tons of perks and discounts, but chances are you're missing out on many of them because it's not easy to track them all. Larky solves that problem by consolidating your membership perks all in one place.
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CoolMomTech-Larky Tracks Your Membership Benefits So You Don't Have To

Larky App tracks all your membership benefits so you don’t have to. 

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Why Great Employee Perks Make Great Employees

The world of employee perks and benefits have changed as much as history itself. Fred Flintstone got a big bone with meat on it. Pirates in the 1300's got free rum (but not enough oranges...). Coal miners in the 1800’s got free air conditioning (from working underground...). Today, employers like Google offer three meals a day, napping stations, company buses for the daily commute, and courtesy Segways. Not all companies today can offer advanced perks like Google. What is your company doing to make your employees feel valued and keep them loyal?

Building employee loyalty is slightly easier than holding a business meeting on a beach.
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How to Get More Perks at Work

Here's a simple question for each of you -- and if you can help us with an answer, we'll give you $100...
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Take This Job and Love It - Great Perks for Great Employees

Free on-site massages, in-house gourmet lunch, special pricing at the gym, discounts on entertainment and local dining; Many great companies are providing their staff with more perks than ever - not just to show their love - but to help their teams save money, get in shape and have some fun. Perks programs are simple, affordable ways to improve tangible benefits for your employees, with loads of other tangible benefits.

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15 Best Financial Sites and Apps

We're thrilled that CNN Money has named Larky one of the 15 Best Financial Sites and Apps. It was a cold December morning when we saw the first tweet about the article -- and the immediate spike in web traffic -- and we were as surprised and thrilled as Jennifer Lawrence on Oscar night. We had no idea this was coming. Thank you CNN Money!

Each site and app profiled in the article provides interesting tools and services that may help you hold on to more of your money. The sites and apps chosen in the Top 15 can help you:

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Uses Larky to Promote Healthy Blue Xtras

Today, we're launching a new partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) to raise awareness and increase usage of their awesome Healthy Blue Xtras member discount program. We're super excited about this, not only because we can help four million BCBSM members save money effortlessly, but also because Healthy Blue Xtras discounts are from great Michigan merchants focused on health and wellness. In other words, Healthy Blue Xtras are good for you, and good for Michigan. Sign up here today.

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Turn Your Member Discounts Into Blockbusters

I’m wondering if you can relate to this story, told to me recently by an alumni association: They brought a proposal to their Board to add two dozen new member discounts to their affinity program. The Board looked at them flabbergasted and said, “What about the current discounts? How do you expect to get results from new discounts when nobody knows the current ones exist?” The Board asked them to come back with ideas for raising awareness and increasing usage of their existing member discounts, before adding new ones.

Sound familiar to you? Most member discount programs are languishing in obscurity right under members’ noses and delivering very little benefit to anyone. Most associations will say that discounts are not the silver bullet of membership (and we wouldn't disagree with that). But given the right discounts, and the right kind of promotion and nurturing, your discount program can grow up, stand on its own two feet, generate incremental revenue, and make the difference in a renewal decision.

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On the Road with Larky

Last weekend, my mom took me to Providence, Rhode Island as a belated birthday present. It felt odd to tell people that the main reason I was going was because I hadn’t been there before and it looked like a nice place. People seemed skeptical, but that really was the main reason.

Rhode Islanders were super nice, the seafood was tasty, and it was fun to see how many times Larky saved me cash during the trip. Here are the deals I got:

  • Free checked bag on my flight (thanks Amex Delta SkyMiles Card)
  • 20% discount on airport parking (thanks AAA)
  • 10% discount and free upgrade at Enterprise car rental (thanks Costco)
  • $2 off admission at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum (thanks AAA)
  • $5 off bike rental (thanks AARP – Ok, that was mom’s discount)
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