Infographic: How Are Millennials Transforming the Banking Industry

With over 86 million people in the generation known as Millennials (born early 1980s to early 2000s), the banking industry is poised to see a major shift in how people want to interact with their financial institutions. Larky has uncovered some amazing statistics to give you a glimpse into the future. How Are Millennials Transforming the Banking Industry? Take a look.

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Case Study: Results in 60 days

Goldenwest Credit Union’s success story for their new mobile loyalty program

Interview with Louise Hilliard, VP Payment Services

Goldenwest Credit Union (GWCU) has 28 locations in Utah, 106,000 members and manages over $1.2 billion in assets. Louise Hilliard, VP of Payment Services at GWCU, provided insights about the process of launching their mobile loyalty program, "Discount Me In" to drive member adoption and increase business with local merchants throughout Utah.

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Only 27% of US Consumers View Their FI as a Trusted Partner

Five Tips to Increase Meaningful Interactions, Engagement, and Trust

 It’s no secret that engagement and loyalty increase with trust, but how can community banks and credit unions win that trust in today’s marketplace?

 In a recent study of one thousand US consumers by GfK and Personetics , only 27% of respondents said that they view their bank as a “Trusted Partner.” Most felt their bank was either simply a “Necessary Utility” (40%) or a “Useful Service” (33%). Only about one quarter of survey participants felt that their bank served as a “Trusted Partner” by offering personalized guidance and support with day-to-day finances.

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The Financial Brand: Eight Ways to Get Your Clients to Choose *Your* Credit or Debit Card for All Their Holiday Shopping

Read on The Financial Brand.

During the 2014 winter holidays, consumers spent over $600 billion accounting for nearly 20% of most merchants’ retail sales for the year. Each person spent an average of $730 on food, gifts, decorations, and more, and for most of those purchases, they used a debit or credit card.

This holiday season, financial institutions are asking, “How do we make our clients choose our credit or debit card for all of those purchases?”

Here are eight ways to make your card rise to the top of your users’ wallets this year.

P.S. We hereby ask your forgiveness for talking about holiday shopping so soon!

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Jason Lindstrom Reveals How Belvoir FCU Uses Larky to Grow Business and Make Happy Members (and surprise his CEO too!)

Filene Research Institute recently hosted a webinar with Larky in which Jason Lindstrom, Chief Marketing Officer of Belvoir Federal Credit Union and a Larky client, talks about his reasons for choosing Larky and gets subjected to a no-holds barred Q/A session from the audience.

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Four Tips for Financial Institutions to Win Consumers’ Micro-Moments

Life is not lived in years or days or even hours. Life is lived in moments. And right now, people all over the world are trying to make the most of every moment. As consumers increasingly rely on mobile devices for information, FI marketers can leverage these “micro-moments” to be there when their clients need them, and reap the rewards. 

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Eleven Tactics for Banks & CUs to Shift Marketing Dollars To Mobile

Are you worried that your financial institution's "old school" marketing tactics (like billboards, trinkets, and print materials) aren't reaching or connecting with your current and prospective clients?

This cheat sheet can help!

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Marketing Must Evolve or Banks Face a ‘No-Growth Death Spiral’

“Banks that don't fundamentally reevaluate and retool their approach to marketing strategy, budgets, ROI and data analytics are doomed.”

from The Financial Brand

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Real-Time Engagement: Too costly for Community Banks and Credit Unions?


For marketers at financial institutions, the big buzzword over the past five years has been “ENGAGEMENT.” In fact, we’d bet our piggy bank that when your financial institution planned its marketing strategy for 2015, one of your top questions was, “How can we ENGAGE with our clients?” Then after you brainstormed ways to encourage engagement, your CFO’s next question was probably, “How much will all of that cost?!”

Until recently, methods for customer engagement were expensive and time-consuming. The big banks could afford to allot big bucks to ad agencies to create compelling content for social media and other channels, so customers would (hopefully) think of their FI as they shopped, ate, played, and worked. Meanwhile, community banks and credit unions spent precious time and money trying to connect with and engage new and current clients, so those people would choose their FI for each and every financial need.

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How to Build Real Relationships with Virtual Customers (Cheat Sheet)

From Our "Mobile Marketing Cheat Sheet" - Ten tips for credit unions and community banks to build real relationships with their virtual clients.

As mobile and online banking technologies advance, bank and credit union marketers have an increasingly daunting challenge – how to reach people that never visit your branch.

A statistic from suggests that nearly one-third of your customers may never enter the front door of your financial institution or interact face-to-face with your staff, so how can you build meaningful relationships with those who prefer to use digital channels? And just because those clients don’t come into your branches, does that mean that they wouldn’t appreciate a personal relationship with their banker?

Contrary to popular belief, people who bank via digital channels still value personal touches from their credit union. Indeed, these folks are real people who might actually like to know the people who keep their money safe, sound, and earning interest.

As a financial institution marketer, it’s your job to connect with these folks and make them feel valued because many of them will turn into your most profitable customers as they hit their peak earning and borrowing years. So what can credit unions and community banks do to build real relationships with people they may never see?

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