Jason Lindstrom Reveals How Belvoir FCU Uses Larky to Grow Business and Make Happy Members (and surprise his CEO too!)

Filene Research Institute recently hosted a webinar with Larky in which Jason Lindstrom, Chief Marketing Officer of Belvoir Federal Credit Union and a Larky client, talks about his reasons for choosing Larky and gets subjected to a no-holds barred Q/A session from the audience.

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CU Insight: Beware of Loyalty Programs that Don't Benefit Your Members

Loyalty programs for credit unions and their members have been around for decades. In recent years, instant cash-back discount programs have gained in popularity over traditional rewards cards or points accrual programs. But alas, all discount programs are not created equal! Here are eight questions to ask when evaluating merchant-funded discount schemes for your credit union. Read the full story on CU Insight.

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How a Mobile Discount Program Works - from Perspective of a Real User

In today’s world, working moms like Della don’t think there is anything special about their bank or credit union. She’s like 77% of consumers who are willing to switch banks for better rewards, and she’s only half-way sure that she’ll have the same primary account in six months. She’s wondering about all of the new financial offerings and payment options from companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Square, Wal-Mart, and Target.

The good news is that Della still trusts you more than she trusts those tech companies and retailers. According to Bain & Company, “FIs are in prime position to benefit from new payment methods and loyalty schemes. Consumers trust FIs with their data more than they trust retailers, tech companies, or alternative payment providers.” [1]

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Uses Larky to Promote Healthy Blue Xtras

Today, we're launching a new partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) to raise awareness and increase usage of their awesome Healthy Blue Xtras member discount program. We're super excited about this, not only because we can help four million BCBSM members save money effortlessly, but also because Healthy Blue Xtras discounts are from great Michigan merchants focused on health and wellness. In other words, Healthy Blue Xtras are good for you, and good for Michigan. Sign up here today.

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