The Financial Brand: Eight Ways to Get Your Clients to Choose *Your* Credit or Debit Card for All Their Holiday Shopping

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During the 2014 winter holidays, consumers spent over $600 billion accounting for nearly 20% of most merchants’ retail sales for the year. Each person spent an average of $730 on food, gifts, decorations, and more, and for most of those purchases, they used a debit or credit card.

This holiday season, financial institutions are asking, “How do we make our clients choose our credit or debit card for all of those purchases?”

Here are eight ways to make your card rise to the top of your users’ wallets this year.

P.S. We hereby ask your forgiveness for talking about holiday shopping so soon!

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How to Serve Clients *Right When They Need You*: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here's an infographic and worksheet for banks and credit unions to pinpoint the perfect moments to engage with clients in real time.

According to Google Think, a “micro-moment is a short window of opportunity when your clients want to know something, do something, buy something, etc., and they reach for their mobile device to get their questions answered as quickly as possible. That's when you come in.

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Jason Lindstrom Reveals How Belvoir FCU Uses Larky to Grow Business and Make Happy Members (and surprise his CEO too!)

Filene Research Institute recently hosted a webinar with Larky in which Jason Lindstrom, Chief Marketing Officer of Belvoir Federal Credit Union and a Larky client, talks about his reasons for choosing Larky and gets subjected to a no-holds barred Q/A session from the audience.

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Case Study: Chelsea State Bank

Larky talks with John Mann, President & CEO, Chelsea State Bank, Chelsea, Michigan, $270 million in assets about CSB Local Edge, powered by Larky.

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Debunking Three Myths About Digital Shopping Experience

Google Think recently published an intriguing article debunking three commonly-held beliefs about how consumers use digital and mobile media during their in-store shopping experiences. One of the most interesting conclusions: 85% of people surveyed said that they would be “more likely to shop in stores that offer personalized coupons and exclusive offers.”

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Four Reasons Why Free Loyalty Programs Fail for Financial Institutions

Companies like Buzzpoints, TruAccess (from MasterCard), Mogl, Edo, and BaZing (from StrategyCorp) all offer forms of free loyalty programs. These programs drive transactions with national merchants, and theoretically, your financial institution benefits by helping your users save money, and you earn interchange revenue.  It sounds logical, but here's what really happens.
Consumer adoption of these free programs is very low. In fact, adoption rates rarely get above 5%.  However, even though uptake is so low, the platforms and merchants still make money – and most financial institutions do not. How can that be?!
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How Can Smaller FIs Compete Against the Big Guys?

Embrace and amplify what you are (and don’t try to be what you’re not!)

As we head into 2015, community banks and credit unions are feeling increasingly crunched – with big banks on one side, and non-traditional players (like Google, Apple, PayPal, Wal-Mart, &Target) on the other. How can smaller financial institutions stand out from the goliaths? Be local; be the good guy; and be the opposite of big and behemoth.

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How a Mobile Discount Program Works - from Perspective of a Real User

In today’s world, working moms like Della don’t think there is anything special about their bank or credit union. She’s like 77% of consumers who are willing to switch banks for better rewards, and she’s only half-way sure that she’ll have the same primary account in six months. She’s wondering about all of the new financial offerings and payment options from companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Square, Wal-Mart, and Target.

The good news is that Della still trusts you more than she trusts those tech companies and retailers. According to Bain & Company, “FIs are in prime position to benefit from new payment methods and loyalty schemes. Consumers trust FIs with their data more than they trust retailers, tech companies, or alternative payment providers.” [1]

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CFCU Launches Mobile Discount Program Called Community CA$H

CFCU’s Marketing Manager, Rebekah Monroe, talks about the implementation process and member & staff response

Larky sat down to chat with Rebekah Monroe, Marketing Manager of Christian Financial Credit Union (CFCU), about the launch of Community CA$H, their branded version of Larky’s mobile discount platform. With assets of $323 million, CFCU has seven branches around Roseville, Michigan. CFCU rolled out its member loyalty program (including a mobile loyalty app and website) to its 40,000 members during the last week of November 2014.

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CU Insight: Eight Questions to Ask When Selecting a Rewards Program


Beware of loyalty programs that don't benefit your members (or your credit union)

Larky co-founder Andrew Bank offers eight questions to consider when selecting a loyalty program for your members. Read the full story on CU Insight.


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