Two Takeaways from BAI’s Retail Delivery Conference

Here are two things we learned from the BAI Retail Delivery conference a couple weeks ago…

Bankers love and use mobile tech & social media - but they still market like it’s 1999. 

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Four Revelations from Money 20/20 for Financial Institutions

Larky just returned from the annual Money20/20 conference where “DISRUPTIVE” was the word used over and over to explain the relentless, rapid innovation happening in the financial services ecosystem. The number of new companies, products, and services was both daunting and inspiring.

What struck me most about all of these new options was that they laid bare the commodity aspect of financial services. Larger companies (like Apple, Google, Facebook, Wal-Mart) and lesser known companies (like LoopPay, Remitly, Wealthfront, Thanks Again, and are all offering financial services that were once restricted to the domain of old-line banks and credit unions. To compete, big banks are heaping huge investments into mobile and online technologies.

With all of those players taking a piece of the pie, will there be any pie left for your community-focused bank or credit union? What is a community bank or credit union to do?

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Larky leaves a powerful impression for crowd of 1400+ at Finovate.

Robert McGarvey with the CU Times covered Larky's presentation at Finovate on Wednesday. Here's a bit of what he said...


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Get a Front Row Seat for a Ride to the Cutting Edge

Larky's Team is hitting the road this fall to talk with innovative financial institutions about how to delight customers AND boost the bottom line. Yes, you can do both at the same time. Larky's point-of-sale instant discount platform helps your customers save $1,000+ per year and keeps your institution top of wallet.

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