The Future of Dough

Should we get ready to chuck our old leather wallets?

Way back in 2005, AC Nielsen predicted that transactions would be 90% cashless by 2020. Are bills, coins, and checks really becoming a thing of the past? Are plastic credit cards on their way out too?


That’s what these guys tell us in “The Future of Dough,” a promotional video for Money2020 and a sassy-yet-witty parody about the future of payments. 

Is life truly “more awesome buying donuts with your app” as the video tells us? Financial industry experts think so! Check out the cameos by the likes of Osama Bedier (formerly Google Wallet), Don Kingsborough (PayPal), Paul Galant (VeriFone Systems), Matt Harris (Bain Capital Ventures), Mike Abbott (ISIS -- the mobile wallet, not the terrorists), and Sanjib Kalita (Money2020). Even Russell Simmons is in on the action – he’s been promoting his prepaid Visa cards (RushCard) for more than 10 years now! And did you notice that the bartender in the video is Amber Benson - AKA Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Whoa nelly, they aren’t pulling any punches!

Money - the way we manage it, spend it, borrow it, keep it secure – it’s all changing at a rapid pace for individuals and businesses. As data, marketing services, retail, mobile, loyalty, and technology converge, commerce is becoming “anytime, anywhere” (and Larky is gung ho about being on the bandwagon!)

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