Proactive Engagement Drives Loyalty and Trust

Hear from two of our clients on how proactive engagement builds loyalty and trust with their audiences


Our clients used the push notification technology built into our mobile engagement platform to proactively share timely information about the Equifax breach with their audience.

Here's what our clients had to say:

“Having the opportunity to alert members to the Equifax breach using a push-notification via our Porter’s Picks app just made sense. Our members are mobile-savvy and want important information quickly, especially if it affects their finances. Offering this type of service is just one more way Unitus looks out for its members’ financial well-being.” - Laurie Kresl, Chief Marketing Officer, Unitus Community Credit Union

"The push notification is a great feature that helps us stay nimble and get information out quickly to our customers." - Peggy Bachli, COO, Ann Arbor State Bank

We hear from our clients each day how meaningful, relevant engagement leads to increased loyalty and profit.

Are you interested in learning more about a targeted mobile platform that uses proactive engagement and places contextually relevant notifications on your audiences' smartphones?

Learn how Larky Drives Engagement

Larky builds engagement and loyalty programs that help financial institutions, health insurers, universities, and media companies connect with their members and subscribers at the right time and place. Larky's 100% private label mobile engagement platform powers relevant communications with members to support local business, cross-sell additional products and services, boost loyalty, and strengthen relationships. Every geo-targeted or time based alert we place on your members’ mobile devices is tied back to your digital marketing campaigns and strategic goals.
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