Larky Launches New Site for Financial Institutions & Health Insurers


How does our new web site smell? Better than the old one, we hope.

Back in the day, Larky was entirely devoted to helping consumers get the discounts they deserved, so our web site was consumer-facing. But ever since launching our B2B loyalty and discount platform, smart people at financial institutions and health insurance companies have said things to us like…
“If your mobile discount platform is for businesses, why is your web site for consumers?
 “From your web site, it doesn’t look like you work with any credit unions or banks. Just sayin.”
 “Wait, I’m confused - Larky sells a B2B service? Gosh, you’d never know it from your cartoonish, ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle’ web site!”

You didn’t think we were listening to all of those comments, did you? Ah, but we were! In fact, we took your advice and put a huge effort into overhauling our web site.

Ta-dah!  Here’s our new-and-improved, all-grown-up web site - 

The new site is intended to engage directly with our target markets - financial institutions and health insurers. If you don’t find it straightforward, easy to navigate, and informative, then by golly someone’s getting fired! Seriously, we would love your honest feedback.

As our business evolves, Larky’s local mobile discount platform keeps improving with each and every client.  Indeed, some of the fine financial institutions who now work with us include:

For 2015, we are doubling down on ways to improve contextual, real-time engagement. That means our mobile and web platform will get even more intuitive; we’ll nurture discounts with thousands more local businesses; and we’ll continue to help banks and credit unions bring “serendipitous delight” to their clients via point-of-sale mobile discounts. Just one example of this is our ability to notify users of great auto loan rates when they’re at a car dealer.

Want to drive more auto loans? Ask us for a demo.

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Now that we’ve renovated our web site, we hope that more of you will be saying things like Bill Carhart, CEO of Oswego County Federal Credit Union:The days of just promoting your basic products and services are over. You have to deliver more value to your members through finding ways to make their lives easier.

While we're talking about delivering value, we've put together ten ideas to help you engage with online and mobile only customers.

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