Infographic: Connect with Your Audience at the Right Place & Time

Do you know who in your audience visited a car dealership or realtor last week?

At Larky, we think a lot about communications at the right time and place. Would it be helpful for you to know who in your audience visited a car dealership or realtor in the last week?

Wouldn’t it be great to know who is in the market for a car and promote your auto loan rates before they make a purchase? Take a look at the results from recent client campaigns.

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Larky builds engagement and loyalty programs that help financial institutions, health insurers, universities, and media companies connect with their members and subscribers at the right time and place. Larky's 100% private label mobile engagement platform powers relevant communications with members to support local business, cross-sell additional products and services, boost loyalty, and strengthen relationships. Every geo-targeted or time based alert we place on your members’ mobile devices is tied back to your digital marketing campaigns and strategic goals.
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