Indiana Bankers Association Announces Endorsement of Larky


Gregg Hammerman, CEO, Larky – 415-952-7598,

The Indiana Bankers Association is pleased to announce the endorsement of and partnership with Larky, Inc. for a mobile customer engagement program that will boost your bank's wallet share, loyalty and retention.


Larky, an Ann Arbor, MI based company, builds engagement and loyalty programs that help banks connect with their customers at the right time and place. Larky's 100% bank branded mobile platform powers relevant communications with bank clients to add value for customers, support local business, cross-sell additional products and services, boost loyalty, and drive non-interest income.

Gregg Hammerman, CEO of Larky, comments, "With our location-based platform, bank customers receive mobile notifications when they are near a specific location where there is a special offer or the bank wants to promote a specific product or service. This encourages local purchasing at the most convenient time for the bank customer while increasing cross-selling opportunities for the bank." Gregg adds, "The Larky team is excited for this new partnership and all the added value and savings we see for Indiana banks and their mobile customers."

“We are excited to bring this cutting edge technology to our Indiana banks, allowing them to not only promote their local small businesses, but also connect with the next generation of consumer and bank customer, that relies heavily on their mobile device to gain knowledge and information regarding discounts and local merchant offerings.”, stated Rod Lasley, IBA Vice President.

Larky currently works with financial institutions in 20 states and 3 Canadian Provinces, as well as other verticals such as health insurance and universities.


Rod Lasley, VP, Indiana Bankers Association - 317-387-9380 -

Gregg Hammerman  CEO, Larky - 415-952-7598 - 

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