How Financial Institutions Can Attract Those Mindful, Mobile Millennials

Millennial_mobileThey were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s - Generation Y, the Millennials, New Boomers – and their numbers are indeed booming. In the US, there are 86,000,000 of them; that’s 7% more than the Baby Boomers! The Millennials have their own unique traits, values, and attitudes about finances & financial institutions. 

  • They strive for wealth in their lifetime. Based on 50+ years of research conducted at the University of Michigan's (“Monitoring the Future”) and UCLA (American Freshman survey), 75% of Millennials “consider wealth a very important attribute” compared with 45% for Baby Boomers. According to Western Union research, Millennials will be the highest earning generation in the U.S. in 10 years.

  • They put ease of use and technology ahead of values. Come again? You thought they were “civic minded and values-driven,” right? Well, they are, but in researching thousands of Millennials, Digital Fieldwork found that they will overlook a financial institution’s values in favor digital convenience.

  • They are always “mobilized.” Digital Fieldwork also found that Millennials want to do business on their mobile devices and through mobile finance apps. Western Union found that 60% of them admit to “compulsively” checking their phone for emails and … wait, I just felt my iPhone buzz with a new text. I’ll be right back. 

OK, enough with the stats and research. How can your financial institutions please the mindful, mobile Millennials?

Since you asked so nicely, here are 4 handy tips just for you …

  1. Develop and tailor your mobile strategy. Go where the young people go! Give them mountains of mobile magic – like payment options through their smartphones, browsers, and apps.  Send them point-of-sale notifications on their devices (link to Larky video), so they can save money and make buying decisions.  

  2. Give free “opt-in” free services and tools that add convenience. Provide free tools, calculators, apps, and games. And by all means don’t charge them a fee to participate in your loyalty discount program (the fee sort of negates the discounts, doesn’t it?).

  3. Roll out Personal Financial Management (PFM) tools that help your customers/members with daily financial tasks, (see American Banker, What Consumers Want in PFM Tools) like shopping, decision-making, price comparisons, and rewards/perks alerts and tracking. 

  4. Be “social” and be real. Generation Y sees through generic ads. Reach them on social media by being real – be authentic, humorous, witty, and unique. They won’t connect with a bank or credit union unless you show them that behind the doors of your financial institution are a bunch of personable, caring, and (dare we say) “fun” people who are ready to listen, understand, educate, and commit to taking care of their financial future for the long haul.

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