Context Cuts Through the Clamor in a Crowded Marketplace

Contextual_marketingHere are two words for you – “contextual technology.”  Ponder that phrase for a moment… Are you yawning? Well, stop it. Yes, it’s a ho hum phrase, but “contextual technology” is a huge game changer. It’s bigger than MC Hammer’s pants in 1988, and it’s getting increasingly pervasive every day.

What does “contextual technology” mean?

Contextual technologies are those that “understand” you and your environment – like your location, your daily schedule, your heart rate, or the number of steps you took today. In their book, “The Age of Context,” Robert Scoble and Shel Israel explain how 5 technological forces - mobile devices, social media, big data, sensors, and location-based services – will dramatically change the way we live and work in the future.  The change is already well underway, and Larky’s web + mobile loyalty platform is part of that revolution. 

Each day more and more information is gathered about us. For example, right now your phone, computer(s), and wearable devices are gathering information about your habits – your schedule, your friends and family, your favorite music and books, maybe even your sleeping habits.  Developers (like the smart programmers at Larky) can then glean that information (the signals from your devices) and create apps and tools that are predictive and can give you relevant info (ads, coupons, discounts, alerts, warnings, etc.) in the context of your life.  Larky’s technology does just that. Our location-based mobile alerts remind people to use their discounts at the right time and place.

How has marketing evolved to be more *in context*?

Until not too long ago, marketing was a one-to-many game. Companies created ads with mass appeal that they hoped would attract customers. The approach was like throwing spaghetti at a wall – if some of the “noodles and sauce” (ad messages) stuck with consumers, then perhaps they’d buy the advertised product or service.

Nowadays companies’ marketing and communications efforts are getting closer to one-to-one interaction because we can track user behaviors and preferences. For example, let’s imagine that this month last year you bought flowers for your dear aunt Betty’s birthday through It figures that this year, two weeks out from Betty’s b-day, will send you an email reminder to get your auntie another bouquet.  

But are those personalized messages the be-all, end-all of contextual marketing? Oh no - not even close.

How does *context* cut through the clamor?

People are inundated with so many messages (sometimes up to 5000 messages per day!) that it is impossible to process the signals through the noise.  In all the ballyhoo, the majority of messages get instantly deleted, and if a person’s eyeballs actually linger on a message, it’s likely to quickly be forgotten.

If you want your marketing message to get through to your customers, then you have to rise above that brouhaha. No, no – we don’t mean that you should yell louder!

On the contrary, we encourage you to speak in a clear and even tone directly to each of your customers – about the things that they care about, and at the right time of day, and in the right location. Yes, it is possible to do all of that at once. Larky can help!

If you do that (send personalized messages IN CONTEXT) people are more likely to read your messages, take advantage of the information contained within them, and engage with you. 


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