Why Great Employee Perks Make Great Employees

The world of employee perks and benefits have changed as much as history itself. Fred Flintstone got a big bone with meat on it. Pirates in the 1300's got free rum (but not enough oranges...). Coal miners in the 1800’s got free air conditioning (from working underground...). Today, employers like Google offer three meals a day, napping stations, company buses for the daily commute, and courtesy Segways. Not all companies today can offer advanced perks like Google. What is your company doing to make your employees feel valued and keep them loyal?

Building employee loyalty is slightly easier than holding a business meeting on a beach.

Most employers today know they need to do better. But why? According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, there is a clear correlation between satisfaction with benefits and loyalty. According to the study, employees who are satisfied with their benefits are the most loyal, with 71 percent reporting that they are very loyal to their employers. In an age of historically high job turnover (at a cost of 20-100% of annual salary), this is an important finding for employers and employees alike. As an employer, don't you want your employees to love you? As an employee, wouldn't work be more enjoyable if you actually wanted to work for your employer?

How do you show your employees that you care about them?

Employers often ignore or underestimate the true wants or needs of their workers (PharmaLogics). Maybe employees would just like a ping pong table in the breakroom, an occasional gift card, or a free meal once in a while after a long day of work. Honesty and open dialogue will allow employees to choose their own perks; no one knows what will better aid their productivity than themselves. Much of modern business competitiveness can be linked to benefits competitiveness (Incentive Mag). Employee satisfaction is the glue that holds together efficiency and profitability. Ask your employees what you can do to better their lives! Chances are, they just want you to show that you care about them as people, not just the quality of their work. And they want you to care about them throughout their lives, not just when they’re working.

Larky helps companies “touch” their employees throughout their lives, in unexpected ways that deliver unexpected delight. If you can show your employees that you care, they can’t help but be more loyal. And trust me, it’s much easier to accomplish this than passing out Lamborghinis and trips to New Zealand (although we wouldn’t mind these...).

You don't have to give away Segways to get employee loyalty.

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