How to Get More Perks at Work

Here's a simple question for each of you -- and if you can help us with an answer, we'll give you $100...


Does your company offer employee discounts at restaurants and stores around town or online? If so, it's likely that you barely know about them and rarely use them. Don't feel too bad; this is pretty typical for most. But we'd love to change this -- with your help.


Larky can track all your employee discounts and tell you when to use them at the right time and place. And if your company doesn't offer any local discounts, we can build a killer discount program from scratch.


If you connect us to your HR team and your company ends up using Larky, we'll give you $100!


Here are two ways to get your company using Larky:
1. Fill out this 30-second form.
2. Copy/paste the handy text below to your favorite HR person and we'll get them using Larky faster than you can check your Facebook feed at work ;-)


Be Larky!

Copy/paste this into an email to your HR team.

Dear Beloved HR Rep,


I think our company should be using Larky to manage employee perks and discounts. Larky has a web and mobile service that notifies you "on the spot" when you're at the store or on a web site where you deserve a discount. Larky also works with companies to develop all new perks and discount programs. If you help employees save money effortlessly, they're going to love you, and love our company even more.


You can contact Larky here. I hope you do it!

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