Turn Your Member Discounts Into Blockbusters

I’m wondering if you can relate to this story, told to me recently by an alumni association: They brought a proposal to their Board to add two dozen new member discounts to their affinity program. The Board looked at them flabbergasted and said, “What about the current discounts? How do you expect to get results from new discounts when nobody knows the current ones exist?” The Board asked them to come back with ideas for raising awareness and increasing usage of their existing member discounts, before adding new ones.

Sound familiar to you? Most member discount programs are languishing in obscurity right under members’ noses and delivering very little benefit to anyone. Most associations will say that discounts are not the silver bullet of membership (and we wouldn't disagree with that). But given the right discounts, and the right kind of promotion and nurturing, your discount program can grow up, stand on its own two feet, generate incremental revenue, and make the difference in a renewal decision.

In the story above, the Board was basically saying “your discounts are only as good as members’ awareness of those discounts”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Associations with strong member awareness of their discounts will benefit exponentially more than associations with low member awareness -- regardless of the quality of the discounts.

The moral of the story? No matter how good your discounts are, they won't do you (or your members) any good unless your members are actually using them. That's why Larky is so powerful. We remind your users of their discounts at the right time and place - so they actually use them and save money.

We love the comments we get from users like, "I had no idea my so-and-so membership gave me this so-and-so discount. Thanks for alerting me when I was at the store [or the web site], just about to buy." Those are the kind of experiences every association wants to cultivate. And that's the type of added value that associations can deliver to members so when renewal time comes, the member thinks, "Hey, I remember getting that discount from _______ and it paid for my membership. Of course, I'm going to renew!"


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