Where are my alerts?

Our Larky friends (that's you) often ask us "Why am I not getting any alerts?"

There are a bunch of possible reasons and solutions. Bear with me here, this is not as difficult as it looks:

> When you first installed Larky, it asked for permission to use your location settings. If you said "no", then Larky won’t be able to send you alerts of nearby discounts because we don’t know where you are!

Solution: You can turn location services on by clicking the Settings icon on your phone, go to Privacy, and then turn on location services for Larky. [FYI, we're not tracking your precise location, nor are we eating up your battery. Our unique blend of location technology is super efficient and you probably won't notice anything negative on battery life.]

> In addition to location services, we also need permission to send you Notifications. These are likely turned on by default, but it’s worth checking.

Solution: Go to Settings, then Notifications, then choose Larky. On the next screen, you can choose “on” or “off” and also customize how and where the notifications appear. Make sure you’ve actually chosen the notifications to appear on screen rather than just in your Notification Center (your Notification Center is accessible by pulling down from the top of the desktop). Find more information about notifications here

> Finally, it’s quite possible that your personal memberships don’t offer you much in the way of brick-and-mortar discounts in your area. If that’s the case, consider getting a AAA membership which offers pretty decent discounts from thousands of merchants. Most members say their discounts pay for the membership pretty quickly.


Posted on June 24, 2013 by AndrewB - No Comments