On the Road with Larky

Last weekend, my mom took me to Providence, Rhode Island as a belated birthday present. It felt odd to tell people that the main reason I was going was because I hadn’t been there before and it looked like a nice place. People seemed skeptical, but that really was the main reason.

Rhode Islanders were super nice, the seafood was tasty, and it was fun to see how many times Larky saved me cash during the trip. Here are the deals I got:

  • Free checked bag on my flight (thanks Amex Delta SkyMiles Card)
  • 20% discount on airport parking (thanks AAA)
  • 10% discount and free upgrade at Enterprise car rental (thanks Costco)
  • $2 off admission at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum (thanks AAA)
  • $5 off bike rental (thanks AARP – Ok, that was mom’s discount)

Over the three-day trip, Larky helped me save about $100. Not bad at all considering Larky is totally free! I also got reminders for performance venues, retail stores, and some restaurants we didn’t have time to check out. I turned off a few of these (I’m not in the market for women’s shoes) and left others on. Maybe they'll come in handy the next time I’m in Rhode Island. (Not the women's shoes but the others.)

I came away from the weekend feeling rested, well-fed, and convinced that Larky had my back – making sure I got every discount I deserved.

I’d love to hear your Larky travel story. Add your comment to let us know how you’ve used Larky on your journey.

Happy Travels,


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